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New Haven, Conn. ( – Stick with us for a moment while we explain your situation.

According to the latest jobless statistics, 6 percent of Americans are unemployed, meaning that 94 percent are employed, or at least not complaining. If we assume this 94 percent is at work, and if we apply the widely accepted 80/20 rule – i.e., that 20 percent of the cause is responsible for 80 percent of the effect – then 20 percent of the 143 million working Americans are responsible for 80 percent of the actual work that gets done.

In real terms, this means that about 29 million workers in the United States are doing almost everything, while 114 million people are, relatively, doing very little.

Now, if we look at output in terms of work units, we will see that each member of the 20 percent group is producing 4 work units (as 20 x 4 = 80), while each member of the 80 percent group is producing just one-fourth of a work unit (as 80 x .25 = 20). Translated: those 29 million Americans are working a staggering 1,600 percent harder – or better, or whatever term you believe applies – than the other 114 million Americans. So…

So, if they are, in fact, at work, but accomplishing only one-sixteenth as much, then what are those 114 million people doing with most of their time at work?

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