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What They’ve Said About SatireWire

“Hilarious.” — USA Today
“Pure lunacy.” Fast Company
“Make(s) merciless merriment of ‘new economy’ pundits.” The Los Angeles Times
“Funny, though quite unfair to Argentina.” (no, really) The New York Times
“Hilarious…biting…not to be missed.” Wired
“ does for tech news what The Daily Show on TV does for televised news magazines.” — Calgary Herald
“Not much is funnier than SatireWire … It can make Greenspan funny.” BusinessWeek
“Hysterically funny … a delightful mix of zany news” The Irish News
“Some of the more sophisticated invective about the new economy.” Chicago Tribune
“Best of the Net … Topical, ironic, and just plain funny.” Inc. magazine
“Hilarious … Comic relief for the “irrational depression” currently sweeping through Internet businesses.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“If you or someone close to you is technologically challenged, you could change your life, or theirs, by checking out SatireWire.” Kansas City Star
“The best humor I’ve seen about the hi-tech crisis.” The Jerusalem Post
“The technology industry tends to take itself too seriously … and that’s precisely why it so badly needs Web sites such as SatireWire.” Houston Chronicle
“Will have even the most hardened dotcom CEO rolling in the aisles.” eCompany
“Hard-hitting, up-to-the-minute online magazine covering the ever-changing world of e-business. This news site asks the hard questions, such as, “Americans: will they come off it?” The Independent (London)
“Just enough credibility to make you question your gullibility.” Earth Times
“Got a few minutes to kill? Then don’t go here, because the chances are good that your minutes will run to hours.” Netsurfer Digest
“One of the best sites on the Internet … very, very cool.” KRLD – Dallas

  • Webby Award Finalist, 2001 and 2002
  • Yahoo Pick of the Year
  • “Best Satirical Publication” 2001 Dot-Comedy Awards
  • BBC Radio Pick of the Week
  • Best of the Web

“Comic genius …  biting, dead-on satire about politics and the new economy.” –
“Great business comedy.” – The Telegraph (UK)
“Rather intelligently amusing.” WGN (Chicago)
(SatireWire) pokes fun at everything from the pope to peace talks in the Middle East. Is nothing taboo anymore?” — Newsweek

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