SatireWire was created, run, abandoned, then un-abandoned, by Andy Marlatt, who went on to become a comedy writer for television and radio. He is now back doing SatireWire, while still doing other work. Because he can. Among his television credits, Andy is the co-creator of the BBC weekly satire programme The Comic Side of 7 Days, which finished its second series at the end of 2006. Despite being an American, he has also written for several other UK television and radio shows, including the award-winning BBC 4 comedy The Sunday Format.
Andy (or in the ISDN database ‘Andrew Marlatt’) is also the author of the briefly bestselling book Economy of Errors, (Doubleday/Broadway), and has contributed to several books, including 101 Damnations: The Humorists’ Tour of Personal Hells, and, May Contain Nuts, a.k.a. Mirth of a Nation III, and, oddly enough, Step Across This Line by Salman Rushdie. No, really. His comedy and humor have been printed and heard around the world, in publications such as The Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, New York Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Asahi Shimbun, and Fortune, and on radio networks such as NPR and the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

As for SatireWire, it has been hailed as “Hilarious” (USA Today), “Merciless” (L.A. Times), and “Hysterically funny” (Irish News) — a Web site that “does for online news “what The Daily Show on TV does for televised news,” (Calgary Herald). CNN, meanwhile, called it “a treasure chest of satirical takeoffs on current news items.” Many of these pieces were ubiquitous on the Internet, regularly showing up, as NPR once said, “in everybody’s inbox, leaving us all crying with laughter.”
In October of 2010 Andy returned to doing SatireWire after an eight-year hiatus and posts when possible.
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