Volvo With Spoiler Still Just Volvo

Briefs in a BriefColumbus, Ohio ( – Forty-two-year-old accounting executive Marvin Cohen had a rear spoiler installed on his four-door Volvo S80 sedan yesterday in the mistaken belief that it would somehow make him look daring.

The error was pointed out by Cohen’s 17-year-old son, Ethan. “Dad,” said the clearly embarrassed youth, “you put a spoiler on a Volvo?”

“Pretty racy, huh?” his father growled.

“Yeah, I think the racy part is cancelled out by the Volvo part,” countered Ethan, before jumping into his 1978 Trans Am in an attempt to leave the scene.

“Hold up! Wanna race?” asked his father. “Not over the posted speed limit, of course.”

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