Microsoft Wants Case Heard By OJ Jury

Briefs in a BriefWashingon, D.C. ( – In a clarifying brief, Microsoft today urged the Supreme Court not to hear its antitrust case, but to send it to the jury from the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, a move that, Microsoft argued, would ensure that the software giant receive a fair hearing and eventually be found not guilty.

“This case has many factual and technical errors, and we believe the Supreme Court should leave the onerous task of reviewing the evidence to the O.J. jury, which would be in the best interests of finding us not guilty,” Microsoft said in its filing. The O.J. trial jurors “would be ideal,” the brief continued, noting that they proved to be “deliberate, thoughtful, and inclined to ignore obvious guilt.”

In response, federal prosecutors said they will file a brief tomorrow asking the Court to deny Microsoft’s request, and instead send the case to the jury from O.J.’s civil trial.

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