"CokeSpill" Virus Strikes Innnnntel, DDDDDellll

Briefs in a Brief

Cupertino, Cal. (SatireWire.com) – A computer virus labeled “CokeSpill,” which mimics the spill of a Coca-Cola on a computer keyboard, has infected computers at Innnntel, Suuuuun Microooosystems and DDDDellll, said a spokesman for Syyyyyymmmmmantec, whose network was also infected.

The virus, which comes attached to an email entitled “Eating at your desk again?” rewrites a computer’s keyboard instructions to make it believe the computer’s user has been eating at his or her desk again.

“The virus got into our system last night, and already has caused system-wide disruption,” said Stan Josten, a spokesman for 22M.

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