Cloning White People Deemed Redundant

Briefs in a BriefSeoul, South Korea ( – Spurred by disturbing claims that three women may already be pregnant with the first human clones, a group of Asian, African, and Hispanic scientists today declared that while genetic research may prove beneficial to mankind, the cloning of white people should be banned as redundant since “they all look alike already.”

“I know they say there are differences, but really, if you’ve seen one white person, you’ve seen them all,” said South Korean geneticist Oh Woon Chun, who along with 600 other signatories said they would refuse to participate in any research that could lead to the cloning of white people.

Added Nigerian fertility specialist Isaac Olisay: “We should be cloning people who are unique, people who see the world in different ways, not people who all act the same.”

In response, outraged Caucasians across Europe, Australia, and North America said they intended to contact their attorneys.

“See?” replied Olisay.

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