King's e-Book Plants Virus

Briefs in a Brief

Bangor, Maine ( – Novelist Stephen King, who expects 1.5 million people to download his e-book, The Plant, announced today he will publish an online sequel called The Virus, what he called the “true and ironically funny” story of 1.5 million people who unwittingly download an e-book planted with a malicious computer virus.

If The Virus is successful, King said he will release the third book in the trilogy, entitled The Antidote. Selling for a flat fee of $100, The Antidote will contain only a few lines of code and will, he added, “probably only be of interest to anyone who downloaded The Plant.”

“Many people have said that publishing on the Web would never be lucrative,” said King. “But I think it’s safe to say I’ve figured out a way around that.”

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