14 Remaining Netscape Users Rejoice Over Release of Netscape 6

Briefs in a BriefMountain View, Cal. (SatireWire.com) – The world’s 14 remaining users of the Netscape browser exulted this week over the release of Netscape 6, the first new version of the browser in two years, and a product Netscape executives predicted would blow away Microsoft’s Internet Explorer “if this were 1997.”

“This is a great browser, and I think if everyone weren’t already using Explorer, they would definitely switch to this,” said Netscape user Brian Calistano of Brisbane, Australia. “I am definitely downloading this baby, and I’ll use it, too, if Explorer crashes or something.”

To solidify its market position, Netscape senior vice president Jim Martin announced a “major” partnership with Apple Computer to have Netscape 6 installed on all new Apple machines, a move that Martin boasted would really break Microsoft’s stranglehold on the browser market, “if this were, say, 1984.”

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