SatireWire to Lay Off Half of Staff

Briefs in a Brief

New Haven, Conn. ( – In an effort to appear in sync with the Internet economy, online humor site SatireWire today announced it will lay off 50 percent of its staff, or approximately one person, by year’s end.

According to SatireWire editor Treat Warland, the layoff of chief copy editor Calista Littlenod is necessary in order to make it appear as if he were streamlining operations. In addition, he noted, the move is particularly painful due to the fact that Littlenod is not a real person, but a fictional character he created to make the staff seem larger than it is.

“All I can say is, woe are the times when even fictional dot-com employees must lose their jobs,” Warland declared.

To facilitate the layoff, Warland said SatireWire would take a charge against fourth quarter earnings, if the company had any earnings. Littlenod, meanwhile, had nothing but praise for SatireWire. “All those people, that whole staff, is just great,” she said.

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