Town Must Have Designated Satan Area

Briefs in a Brief

Inglis, Fla. ( – The American Civil Liberties Union said today the tiny Florida town of Inglis, whose mayor issued a proclamation officially outlawing Satan last year, must establish a designated Satanic area for the Dark One and his followers.

Town commissioners, eager to avoid a threatened ACLU lawsuit, said they will likely comply with the request and cordon off a small area behind Town Hall where Satanists can congregate on their coffee and lunch breaks. However, Inglis Mayor Carolyn Risher insisted she would continue to fight for a full ban, citing the potentially harmful effects of second-hand Satanism.

Local residents like MaryLou Keeger, meanwhile, said they oppose the compromise for more personal reasons.

“I quit Satan six weeks ago, but sometimes, after a big meal, or if I’m nervous, I still get the craving,” said Keeger. “I know that if I get even a whiff walking by one of these designated areas, I’m going to be tempted to sneak an Evil One.”

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