NEW JERSEY ( – A new poll shows nine in 10 Americans support a mandatory quarantine for someone who has been in close contact with Ebola patients, even if it violates their civil rights, as long as the someone being quarantined is you and not them.

Though known for being tough and resilient, Ebola, once imprisoned, usually cries itself to sleep.

According to the CNN/ABC survey of 5,000 Americans, 89 percent of respondents said they would support enforced isolation for those been exposed to Ebola in any and all cases where it’s you we’re talking about.

“Americans have a reputation for being too individualistic, too concerned with personal freedoms, but this study shows nothing could be further from the truth,” said Grandin. “When it comes down to safeguarding society, most Americans are willing to forego your personal freedoms without a moment’s hesitation.”

Grandin noted this opinion cuts across all racial, gender, socioeconomic and ethnic divides, “with the only exception being the respondents themselves.”

In addition, seven in 10 of those polled agreed with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for forcibly isolating 33-year-old Maine nurse Kaci Hickox, who had worked in West Africa. Asked why they agreed, 90 percent of respondents said it was because they weren’t 33-year-old Maine nurse Kaci Hickox.

The same percentage also said they were happy Hickox was released, until pollsters said the survey was anonymous, after which nearly all respondents said Hickox should have been shot,

In other survey results:

  • If you were in forced quarantine, 72 percent said they would let you go if it were up to them, but it’s not up to them.
  • 98 percent said they personally would voluntarily isolate themselves if they were health care workers, but they’re not.
  • 88 percent of Americans said a doctor has the moral obligation to treat Ebola patients as long as it’s your doctor and not their doctor.

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