PYONGYANG ( — In its latest video effort to stoke anti-U.S. sentiment among its citizens, North Korean today released a four-minute video showing Americans eating food.

Beloved actress Betty White is shown being destroyed by a North Korean nuclear bomb.

“Food! They have food!” an angry narrator says as images of Americans enjoying various meals and snacks are displayed on screen, all to the tune of The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

In the cheaply made film, North Korean missiles blow up an assortment of U.S. fast food chains and grocery stores as the narrator ridicules Americans for eating “nearly every day.” It also labels Americans as “selfish” for failing to send all their food to divine leader Kim Jong Un, as North Koreans are required to do.

Unlike previous clips posted online by the government, which showed animated U.S. buildings being blown up by North Korean rockets, the latest effort from Pyongyang appears directly aimed at bolstering local support for what it calls the “coming struggle.”

“It’s easier to hate people you don’t identify with,” said U.S. policy advisor Jeffrey Bloom. “Average North Koreans have long been told we’re violent hegemonists, but by showing we ample have access to food, they are really highlighting how very, very different we are.”

The Obama administration called the video “unhelpful,” and reminded Pyongyang it could receive international assistance and feed its starving population by, for example, not threatening to blow up the world every day. In response, Kim Jong Un ate a small Korean village.

Nearly half the video is spent explaining what food is and what it looks like, and urges younger viewers to ask their grandparents if they still don’t understand.

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