New M&Enemas® Provide Instant Sugar Fix

Briefs in a Brief

Hackettstown, N.J. ( – Need a little sugar kick going into that meeting but don’t want to wait the 90 seconds it normally takes for the sugar to get into your system? Mars, Inc. thinks it has the highly soluble solution.

The company today unveiled M&Enemas®, a non-oral, liquid version of its popular M&M brand candies that Mars is marketing as “the candy that melts in your… and you can take it from there.”

“Last year, we introduced the blue M&M, which was a great moment in our history, but M&Enemas marks what will be a revolutionary trend in candy consumption,” said Dieter Rausch, a Mars spokesman. Rausch said the company will also introduce M&M Long -Lasting Suppositories sometime in early 2001.

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