Idiot Dad Recommends Great Web Sight

Briefs in a Brief

Ann Arbor, Mich. ( – For the third time in as many days, 48-year-old Richard Cauthen, father of 20-year-old college student Brian Cauthen, sent an email to his son recommending a “really great web sight.”
“This sight is really good. I thought you and your buddies would get a kick out of it like I did,” the elder Cauthen wrote in reference to a humor site. The father also included the URL of the site, suggesting his son click on the link in the email to reach it.
As he has had to do several times previously, an embarrassed Brian wrote to say he already knew about the “site,” adding that he also knew how to click on a link.
“Sorry son,” Richard Cauthen answered. “I keep forgetting you’re up to speed on this stuff. By the way, if the link doesn’t get you there, you could try typing in the sight’s address yourself, and see if that works.”
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