WASHINGTON D.C. (SatireWire.com) — Hearing that Michele Bachmann wants his support for the job she seeks, former presidential candidate Herman Cain said he has invited the Minnesota congresswoman to meet with him in his car on a secluded street on the outskirts of Washington where he will give her the opportunity to reach out for his base.

Cain said his base would very much like to meet Bachmann in this secluded Virginia parking lot.

“I’m not going to commit to an endorsement, but if Michele is willing to examine my core principles  and — this is important — embrace them, I’d be into that,” said Cain, who dropped out of the race on Saturday after allegations of sexual harassment and an affair.
“That’s why I have offered to meet with her tonight, in my car, at a parking lot outside town. We could get our two heads together and, hey, see what comes up. Who knows? Maybe then I’ll get behind her.”
While acknowledging he admires several of the Republican candidates, Cain conceded he is particularly interested in giving the race’s only woman a leg up.
“I am friendly with Newt Gingrich and I respect Jon Huntsman, but I have a very active, solid, and powerful base that Michelle appeals to in ways they can’t,” he said. “In fact, even as I think about her right now, my base is definitely leaning towards her.”
Bachmann, meanwhile, said she was surprised to learn that Cain had given up his race.
“Honestly, no one should have to give up their race. For one thing, it makes it very hard to fill out government forms if you can’t check any of the boxes under ‘race,’” she said. “Even if legally he’s not, Herman Cain will always be a black man to me.”
After it was explained that Cain had dropped out of the presidential race, Bachmann bristled.
“Wait, there is a presidential race? That’s an actual race?” she said. “Why didn’t I see that on my campaign registration form? I am of the presidential race. I would have checked that box!”
The Republican noted that she instead ticked “Caucasian, although I want to stress that I am not at all Asian. I’m 100 percent Cauc.”
Bachmann added that she also listed “female” as her gender, “just as the founding fathers did.”
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