ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, MD (SatireWire) — A plane carrying First Lady Michelle Obama had to abort its landing Monday, quickly drawing fire from Fox News and Right to Land groups who said they believe landing begins at descent.

Ducie (left), Carlson (center) and Kilmeade rejected the White House claim that the landing was aborted to protect the life of the FLOTUS.

Obama’s Boeing 737 was attempting to touch down at Andrews when pilots were told to abort because a 200-ton cargo plane was still on the runway. Officials said the cause was an air traffic controller’s mistake, but political opponents accused the administration of deflecting blame.
“Choosing ‘land’ is never a mistake,” said Cary-Ann Gadsby, president of National Right to Land, which Gadsby said was formed shortly after the story broke and Fox executives called her to suggest she create such a group. “This plane was almost at delivery and at the last moment was not allowed to come to its full terminal.”
A National Guard spokesman said the flight later touched down safely and stressed the First Lady was never in danger, a claim that baffled Fox & Friends morning anchor Gretchen Carlson.
“So Mrs. Obama had the option to choose land, her health wasn’t in danger, and still she chose to abort?” said Carlson, shaking her head.
“Exactly,” added Fox co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Honestly, if they didn’t want to land there they could have found another airport. I bet there are dozens of loving airports that probably have been waiting years to have a beautiful plane delivered to them.”
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, however, dismissed the criticism as politically motivated.
“Airplanes don’t have abortions and to associate Mrs. Obama with the word ‘abortion’ is itself an abomination,” Carney said. “In this case the pilots were asked to do a ‘go around,’ which they did. There was no abortion.”
After watching a tape of Carney’s statement, Carlson threw up her hands. “All I heard was ‘abortion,’” she said.
The White House stressed that no one was injured or at risk, and said First Lady Obama was not even aware she had gone through an aborted landing.
“God, it’s just that easy for her,” responded Carlson. “That woman doesn’t feel a thing.”

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