Argentina Institutes Presidential Draft

Briefs in a Brief

Buenos Aires ( – In an effort to fill its depleting ranks of potential leaders, Argentina’s Congress today implemented a nationwide draft that requires all citizens age 18 and over to serve as the country’s president for a minimum of two days.

Implementation of the presidential draft is expected to reduce turnover in the position by 50 percent. The decision, however, caused violent unrest in the country of 39 million, as hordes of potential conscripts protested outside government offices.

“I love my country, but it is not fair to ask me to sacrifice my future to serve as president,” said 19-year-old Manuel Rodriguez, whose low draft number, 0434, makes it likely he will be called up sometime in early 2005.

The nation’s mothers, meanwhile, joined in the protests. “Please do not take my baby away!” cried Maria Esconvida, a housewife from Cordoba. “Take me instead!”

Congressional leaders quickly swore her in before she could take it back.

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