Note: This is a practice test only. If you are recommended (tapped) by two members in good standing of the exclusive All Internet Surf and Browser Club, and if you pass the personal interview, the actual written test will differ from this one, but will be similar in tone and content.

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Correct answers in Red.

1. I say “Mosaic,” you say…
a) Charleton Heston
b) Town in New Jersey
c) Browser developed at University of Illinois
d) Floor tiles

2. Router…
a) Roto
b) Woodworking
c) Device that connects networks
d) Ohio State 49, Northwestern, 0

3. Solaris…
a) A submarine or missile or something
b) Compact car
c) Server line made by Sun Microsystems
d) Also called a “Florida room”

4. HTTP stands for…
a) Here, Try This Page
b) Hail Tipper, Tennessee’s Prude (secret code considered evidence Internet created by Al Gore)
c) HyperText Transfer Protocol
d) Happy Tipper Takes Prozac (secret code considered solid proof Internet created by Al Gore)

5. Flash…
a) Gordon
b) Bulb
c) Browser independent, vector-graphic animation technology
d) Perverts in raincoats

6. Tim Berners-Lee…
a) Was married to Pamela Anderson Lee
b) Invented Bunson Berners
c) Oft-cited as father of the World Wide Web
d) God, he really blew it with Pamela Anderson. What was he thinking?

7. LAN…
a) Stupid computer term, like I care
b) Airport code for Los Angeles Airport
c) Local Area Network
d) Mike Tyson attempting to say “Land”

8. MP3…
a) Britain’s secret service
b) Music Pilferer’s Pirating Protocol
c) File extension for MPEG, audio layer 3
d) Sorry, I’m currently suing them and can’t answer this question

9. Cisco…
a) Kid
b) Shortening
c) Internet routers, switches, etc.
d) Thong Song, but you spelled his name wrong.

10. Steve Jobs…
a) Jobs that only people named Steve would do, like sales
b) Slang for work loading ships
c) Co-founder of Apple Computer
d) Sexual act performed by Steve

11. Linus Torvalds is…
a) Charlie Brown’s Norwegian sidekick
b) The husband in that boring Ibsen play
c) Creator of Linux operating system
d) Pairs figure skater partnered with Dean

12. This on your browser means…
a) My computer has locked up
b) I have to give out my credit card number
c) My browser has established a secure connection
d) No one knows I’m here

13. Java…
a) Little guys in first Star Wars that captured C3P0 and R2D2
b) Coffee’s too easy, so… jealous African vampire ants?
c) Object-oriented programming language
d) I liked that Star Wars better than Episode I. That sucked.

14. If you have “emptied your cache,” you have…
a) Flushed toilet and avoided arrest by police
b) Had your ATM card repossessed for lack of funds
c) Deleted frequently accessed pages from memory
d) Got carried away again by the sale down at the Wal-Mart

15. “Open source” means…
a) You know someone at Los Alamos
b) Lesions that won’t heal
c) Code that is freely available and distributed
d) Never having to say “Windows!”

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