John Howard Says Name Not Euphemism

Sydney ( – Australian Prime Minister John Howard today insisted his name is real and is not a euphemism or nickname for any part of his anatomy. Howard was forced… Read more

French Strike for Greater Productivity

Paris ( – Angered over reports that California’s economy has surpassed that of France, dozens of French labor unions staged a massive, nationwide strike Friday, demanding the government investigate possible… Read more

French Successfully Increase Enmity Toward French

Paris ( – The French, apparently concerned that the world’s antipathy toward them might soften, handed a victory Sunday to ultra nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen, who will now take on… Read more

Argentine Minsiter Hated That Dog

Buenos Aires, Argentina ( – Argentine Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo, who last week said he wanted to tie the Argentine peso to both the dollar and the euro, changed his… Read more
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