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What They're Saying About SatireWire

"Hilarious." — USA Today

"Pure lunacy." — Fast Company

"Make(s) merciless merriment of 'new economy' pundits." — The Los Angeles Times

"Funny, though quite unfair to Argentina." (no, really) — The New York Times

"Hilarious...biting...not to be missed." — Wired

" does for tech news what The Daily Show on TV does for televised news magazines." — Calgary Herald

"Not much is funnier than SatireWire ... It can make Greenspan funny." — BusinessWeek

"Hysterically funny ... a delightful mix of zany news" — The Irish News

"Some of the more sophisticated invective about the new economy." — Chicago Tribune

"Best of the Net ... Topical, ironic, and just plain funny." — Inc. magazine

"Hilarious ... Comic relief for the "irrational depression" currently sweeping through Internet businesses." — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"If you or someone close to you is technologically challenged, you could change your life, or theirs, by checking out SatireWire." — Kansas City Star

"The best humor I've seen about the hi-tech crisis." — The Jerusalem Post

"The technology industry tends to take itself too seriously ... and that's precisely why it so badly needs Web sites such as SatireWire." — Houston Chronicle

"Will have even the most hardened dotcom CEO rolling in the aisles." — eCompany

"Hard-hitting, up-to-the-minute online magazine covering the ever-changing world of e-business. This news site asks the hard questions, such as, "Americans: will they come off it?" — The Independent (London)

"Just enough credibility to make you question your gullibility." — Earth Times

"Got a few minutes to kill? Then don't go here, because the chances are good that your minutes will run to hours." — Netsurfer Digest

"One of the best sites on the Internet ... very, very cool." — KRLD - Dallas

· Webby Award Finalist, 2001 and 2002

· Yahoo Pick of the Year

· "Best Satirical Publication" — 2001 Dot-Comedy Awards

· BBC Radio Pick of the Week

· Best of the Web

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