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ECONOMY OF ERRORS: SatireWire Gives Business the Business

New Haven, Conn. ( — After more than two years on publishing's cutting edge, popular humor site SatireWire announced Tuesday it has taken an embarrassing technological step backward and written a "book," made of "paper," that can be read offline without a computer.

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"I'm pretty happy with the end result, except none of the hyperlinks work," said SatireWire founder Andrew Marlatt of the book, ECONOMY OF ERRORS: SatireWire Gives Business the Business.

Filled with hundreds of hilarious stories about the world of business and technology, ECONOMY OF ERRORS was released June 4 by Random House's Broadway Books division, and cannot be viewed with either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The initial decision to publish in this archaic, non-Web form was difficult, conceded the author.

"At first we were like, 'A book? Gee, why don't we just go all the way and paint on some cave walls or something?'" recalled Marlatt of his earliest conversations with the publisher.

However, Broadway's response convinced the author that he should reconsider.

"They told me, 'Well then, you just go ahead and keep publishing on the Internet, for free, like an idiot,'" said Marlatt.

With all-new material, plus many favorites from SatireWire, ECONOMY OF ERRORS takes the wind out of the last decade of business through the pages of the fictional BusinessMonth Weekly magazine, and makes a great gift for Father's Day, college graduates, or people with a neck. It has also garnered high praise you can read about here.

Despite the obvious anachronism of writing for print, Marlatt urged readers not to think of it as an unforgivable retreat in the digital revolution, but as a retro phase SatireWire is going through.

"When they initially heard about the book, some of my online friends were making fun of me; you know, offering to buy me quill pens and candles, or pretending I had a prominent, sloping forehead, or trying to scare me with fire," he said. "Or asking if I was going to develop gills and webbed feet for my return to the oceans, or if I would just exist in the primordial slime as the single-celled organism I had become.

"It got pretty weird, actually."

However, Marlatt added, writing the book was enjoyable, despite the publisher's nagging insistence that the author's use of html tags was unnecessary and "kind of annoying."

"I can't say it was easy thinking old economy and writing stories for non-Web use, but when I saw final copies of the book, I was surprised at how readable it was," said Marlatt. "I just hope people's eyes support all the different fonts we used."

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Copyright © 2002, SatireWire.

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