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Kevin O'Connor, DoubleClick

Kevin: We'll provide a wide range of advertising solutions, primarily through a network of sites we'll sell advertising on.
VC: I see, and how long will it take you to be profitable?
Kevin: Well, four years out, we should be only $15 million or so in the red.
VC: Uh-huh. And five years out?
Kevin: Probably close to that.
VC: How close?
Kevin: $90 million to $100 million in the red.
VC: Next.
Kevin: Probably closer to 90, really.
VC: Next!

Jim Clark, Healtheon/WebMD
Jim: We're going to streamline the U.S. health care system!
VC: Next!

Toby Lenk, eToys

Toby: We'll sell toys online. The toy business is huge...
VC: Wait, it's business-to-consumer?
Toby: Yes.
VC: I have a gun, and I know how to use it.

Steve Case, AOL

Steve: We get people to sign up for, say, $20 a month, and we give them Internet access, email, plus we have exclusive content they can read.
VC: And why will they sign up with you?
Steve: Because we'll carpet bomb the entire country with sign-up discs. When they think 'Internet,' they'll think 'AOL'.
VC: But won't they resent you and make fun of you, pummeling them with these discs all the time?
Steve: So...?
VC: And won't you have problems with goodwill if you sign up too many people and can't keep up with the traffic on the network?
Steve: Your point being...?
VC: Nothing. I like this one.

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