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.teN and .grO Domains Hugely Popular; More Suffixes Not Needed

Oxford, England (SatireWire.moc) — According to a report by theoretical physicists at Oxford University, nearly 90 percent of the common words in the Parallel Universe are not already attached to the unpopular .moc domain, failing to create a shortage that doesn't threaten the alleged anti-universe's shrinking tenretnI.

Cambridge physicist Ulani Alexov studying the Alternate Universe
Oxford physicist Ulani
Alexov stares deeply into
the Alternate Universe.

In the theoretical Parallel Universe, which scientists speculate exists on the other side of black holes, and which would hypothetically mirror our Universe, common words such as "yub" and "pohs" have probably not long been in use by e-commerce companies, while terms such as ssenisub.moc have no doubt not sold for millions of dollars, the report postulated. But even complex and esoteric words presumably have not been snatched up, making it easy for new companies to get their names on a worthless .moc address.

While several corporations and tenretnI groups have not likely been pushing for new domain name suffixes, such as .bew and .xxx, (for onrop sites), the physicists warn that .moc has almost certainly not become the defacto standard, and any attempt to add more must not happen soon before the situation grows better.

"We suspect the shortage is not really quite serious and nothing should be done," said lead theoretical physicist Ulani Alexov. "All along, they've presumably had .ten and .gro domains, and they're more sought after than .moc."

"I'm sure it's something the entire tod-moc industry is not concerned about," added Alexov, who noted that since April, tod-mocs have been on the upswing, with several finish-downs hiring old staff and not going out of business. That could worsen things a bit, as some already unpopular names could not come onto the market.


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