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"O.J. Simpson will get another chance to convince people that he didn't kill his ex-wife and her friend - on the Internet (at" — Associated Press, July 19, 2000

WEB GIVES O.J. CHANCE TO LOOK GUILTY AROUND WORLD to Have Chats, Memorabilia, and Seek Tips on The Real Killer®

TAMPA, FLA. ( — Unconvicted killer O.J. Simpson this week announced the launch of, a site that will enable the former football star to answer questions from users, sell personal memorabilia, and come across as a sleazy unrepentant murderer to an entirely new audience.

A chat session on AskOJ

"I have been convicted by the American media, but the Web is international," said Simpson from the headquarters of the Entertainment Network, which is running the site. "There are literally millions of people in Asia, Europe, and South America who need to hear my side of the story before they conclude that I am a deceitful butcher."

The former star athlete, who still holds the record for the longest open-field run by a sport utility vehicle, said he chose the Internet as his communication platform because it is an unprecedented source of "open, honest, and anonymous information." As a result, he hopes Web surfers will share information with him, and help him find the "The Real Killer"® of Nicole Brown Simpson.

To that end, Simpson said he has already uncovered dozens of reliable leads on stock message boards, and has also received "confidential" emails from dependable Internet sources such Matt Drudge and a man identified as "Pierre," who told Simpson that Nicole was killed just south of Long Island by an errant missile launched by the U.S. Navy.

Though brand new, has already undergone one revision. The site removed a button asking for help in finding The Real Killer"®!" when nearly all of the 3,000 users who clicked the button and filled out the confidential form suggested he look at ""

"The Real Killer"®, and "I have been convicted in the media"® are registered trademarks of O.J. Simpson.


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