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Economy of Errors
SatireWire Gives Business the Business

"Hysterically funny. Marlatt's satire tells you more about what's happening than the 'real' news. I love this book!"
— Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek columnist, author of "Making the Most of Your Money"

"If "Dilbert" helps you get through your business day, "ECONOMY OF ERRORS" should be good for a few weeks."
The Orlando Sentinel

"Fantastic stuff ... truly inspired. I urge you to buy it."
— CNET Radio

"Very funny."
— CNNfn, The Money Gang

"ECONOMY OF ERRORS is drop dead funny! Andrew Marlatt's intelligence, wit, and razor-sharp powers of quirky observation kept me screaming with laughter. Do yourself a favor, buy this book. Your view of current events will never be the same."
— Wendy Northcutt, author of "The Darwin Awards," founder of

Economy of Errors

"Simply one of the funniest books I've ever read, ECONOMY OF ERRORS takes a Swiftian approach to (surprise!) satirizing the online world, the offline world, and any world in between. The stories are great because they make me lose weight with belly laughter while bringing the sheer magnitude of the events into human focus."
— Jeff "Hemos" Bates, co-founder, Slashdot.

"Brilliant! Totally on it when it comes to the absurdities of business"
— KZOK, Seattle

"I loved Suck, and I love The Onion. Though Andrew Marlatt chose not to name his book 'The Suckion,' it is that smart, and that funny."
— Kurt Andersen, author of "Turn of the Century" and co-founder of Spy magazine.

"With so many hilarious business stories in one book, I can now cancel my subscription to Forbes."
— Andy Borowitz, humorist, The New Yorker and The New York Times.

"If your idea of a power breakfast is scarfing down a bagel as you synchronize your PDA with the latest orange juice futures, ECONOMY OF ERRORS is not just for you, it¹s about you. But for the rest of us, Andrew Marlatt restores our faith in the exquisite oxymoron "funny business."
— Michael Rosen, editor of "Mirth of a Nation"


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